Basic SEO and SEM Techniques

Using Keywords To Boost Your Site

Before you can get starteKeywordd on your sites SEO work, you need to build your site. The content of your site makes the biggest difference.

Before you write the content for your site, pick 3-5 “keywords” that you want to use. These are the words that will place you in the Google results whenpeople search under them.When you write your sites content, place as many of those keywords as you can, one time each, on your back-pages. On your Home page, try to use each keyword at least two times.”Keyword” Tips~Always remember that your keywords need to make sense within your content. Don’t add keywords unless they make sense in the context of the message you are trying to get across.

~Don’t overuse your keywords. If your keyword is used too many times on a page, you run a risk of Google viewing your site as spam.

MGogle Webmaster Toolsake Use Of Google Webmaster

If you have a website, you need to track your stats. The stats your host gives you usualy aren’t enough to show you what you need, but Google Analytics is just too complicated. Enter Google Webmaster tools.Google Webmaster Tools is a very simple to use solution that extracts some of the same information as Google Analytics, just a lot less detail. This information is is compiled in a set of easily read modules. For people with no prior experience and who don’t have the time to dedicate, these modules contain some of the most important data you could need. This information includes; Top Keywords, HTML Errors, 404 pages, viewer stats, crawl errors and so much more.If you are just getting started in the Web Design or SEO fields, or even if you are a long time pro, Google Webmaster Tools is a must have.

The Beauty of Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics, if used properly, can be an SEO’s best tool. This amazing tool can track, compare & analyze your visitor as well as their source, page views, demographics & trends. You also have the ability to track keyword, ad campaigns & custom goal sets.
I personally knew of Google Analytics for some time before actually trying it. Don’t make the same mistake that I made and wait, go to the Google Analytics page, sign up for an account and read all the documentation they have available on their site.
There just one lat thing left for you to do, play around and learn how to use it and how to make it work for your websites specific needs.

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